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Give Yourself A
Pat On The Back

Thank you for playing full on at 100%. Some people talk about wanting to make change but they’re never willing to step out of their comfort zone. Tonight you did just that. So give yourself a pat on the back and a well done for, making a plan and sticking with your commitment.

Your self identity is your reality. How you see yourself determines how do you see your world and your office. We are all co-creators of the world we live, whether we realize it or not. Taking ownership of what you have created is the first step of making a QUANTUM SHIFT into your amazing future. When we teach our patients to own their self care, we are teaching them just that. In order for a diabetic to Heal the hole in their sole, they must heal the hole in their soul. I’m telling you the same thing because the principles are the same.

Our feet represent our foundation. The feet also represent peace in the Bible. The scripture says I’ve got my feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. When your peace is altered it is because something has stolen your joy. My job is to help you reestablish and maintain, your peace and therefore your joy. My role in your life is to reestablish your foundation.

Brief Thoughts

We know the scripture says that it rains on the just and the unjust. The rain does not define you. It’s your response to the rain that defines your outlook and outcome. So now we can choose to go outside and play in the rain ☔️ .


A recap of our amazing
first session.

Current behavior X intolerable pain = change (reactionary)

Current behavior X vision = change (proactive)

Today and moving forward your current behaviors will be writing your vision of what you want your life to look like this time next year and in the immediate near future.

In your own words, I want steady staff, peace of mind, harmony, no whining, and trained staff. These are the urgent things that are out of place that need to be put back into place or established.

Your seven pain points that are stressors in the office are produced by:

1. Getting up early or staying up late to do your notes

2. Having unstable staff for your back office including new hires with zero experience

3. Internalizing a lot

4. Billing woes

5. Lack of confidence in presenting cash items

6. Difficulty dealing with rude, ungrateful, patients

7. Feeling as if you are an imposter.

Your Homework

begin meditation this week

Begin with 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes before bedtime. If you choose you can do 20 minutes in one sitting. As you sit to meditate, do not attempt to push the thoughts away. Your job is to allow the thoughts to come, but give no meaning to them. 


1. Sit quietly with your eyes closed in a comfortable position with your dog at your side.🥰

2. Set your timer ⏲️ And be still and allow God to download his restoration to your body, mind and spirit.


Anytime you have the feeling of dread take a deep breath and inhale for four seconds hold your breath for four seconds and exhale for four seconds. You may also inhale for LOVE, hold for LOVE and exhale for LOVE. Just a quick way of resetting your Sympathetic nervous system.

When you begin your Vision-Movie experience where you step into your vision, acting your way into a feeling, as if it is already here on earth, as it is in heaven, do something physical such as stepping into something. It could be stepping into the shower, or stepping into the tub, or stepping into your car, or stepping into your office, or stepping into your home or even stepping into bed.  When you take that physical motion, then act as if you and God are the screenplay writers then you step in to your movie. You will feel lighter and excited. Remember to allow your bright yellow light to shine brightly from your gut. Don’t forget Olga Mary, she is still a very instrumental part of who you are. Your inner child always wants to play.


magnesium oxide

Recommended 500 mg at bedtime for sleep or every morning to keep you calm. Choose one of the above times, based on when you need the most calm or sleep.

Your Personalized

Remember Feeling Is A Secret

I have created your affirmation to be memorized. When you do your Vision-Movie, use these words to step in to your vision as a completed process. Remember feeling is a secret. When you’re in love, you’re entire body is involved so become in love with your dream and vision. In order to manifested on the outside you must first see it on the inside.

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