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1-on-1 Sessions

Our Re-Scription process is designed to work with you in creating tangible results you can see quickly. Our process empowers you to seek the root of the problem while charting a clear path to where you want to be.


Minimum 4 Sessions/ 3 Months Recommended

Remote Coaching

High performance transformational coaching sessions where we take a deep dive into actionable steps to maximizing your life and well-being.

Re-Scripting Your Life Now Book

Read along companion to help you identify and achieve your goals, overcome obstacles, and find greater happiness and satisfaction in your life.

Office Productivity Consulting

Helps empower you through office workflow productivity consulting & performance optimatization.

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We Are Ready To Help You To The Next Level

Things that once seemed difficult and unattainable, all of a sudden become easy and effortless. One word or action in the direction of your dream and your life takes a drastic shift in the right direction. These high-performance coaching sessions are here to challenge you to see your role in your life. Does life deal you blows that keep knocking you down? Do you quietly believe that there must be more to life than what you are currently seeing or experiencing?

What To Expect?

There is no judgment here. Dr. Clements by no means tries to tell you what to want or think, or how to behave. She simply gives techniques that you can implement in your own life.”

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Vision Birthing Coach

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Pricing Begins at $1,000 Per Session

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Mindful Meditation Re-Scription

The intention of this video is to help you re-align your energy and vibrate at your highest frequency to become your Highest You

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