Session 2 Re-cap

Dr. Olga

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This is the recap from session 2. Thursday, Jan 12, 7 pm. You are exactly where you should be. I am glad you have had an approximate 25% overall improvement. Please click the play button below to listen to an audio recap of our call while you read through the items below. 

This Weeks Affirmation

I am so happy and grateful now that my body is emotionally and hormonally balanced naturally.

Important Takeaways From Our Call

  • Make sure your daily habits are supportive of being perimenopausal
  • Understanding all of the different life events that have happened recently & giving yourself a pat on the back for making it through them.
  • Creating a proper schedule/time frame. * Begin to schedule admin time in the office. Start at half a day & work up to a full day in the office of admin only time.
  • Remembering all humans have a basic need for – Love, Security, Creative Expression, Recognition, New Experiences, Self Esteem, & the need for more life.
  • Self-Pay Fee Schedule. *Needs yearly increase. Click Here To Access Our Self Pay Fee Schedule
  • Adding Educational Posters To Treatment Rooms. & Using a laser pointer to point to these as a reference while educating patients
  • Updating in-office physical marketing collateral to provide even more social proof to patients about the solutions you offer them.

Important Things we Talked About | Staff

  • Choose not to train from a place of ” I hope this won’t end up how it did before”, and instead speak abundance. Come from a place of love and affirm that your team member will be excellent and excellent for a long time.
  • Set your minimal standards of what you want your staff to be. ie.
    Attire – that they will be proud to be wearing the uniform.
    Punctuality – being able to stay for the full day consistantly

This Weeks To-Do List

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